We are a subsidary of Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation.

Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation traces its origins back to the warehousing division of Mitsubishi Kawase-ten, the predecessor to the Mitsubishi's banking and warehousing businesses. Officially founded as Tokyo Warehouse Limited Company in 1887, the business name was changed to Mitsubishi Warehouse Corporation in 1918, and Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation in 1996.

Gradually adding port and harbor operations and seamlessly combining land, sea and air transportation, they have developed a robust warehousing business, providing a comprehensive and global logistics service and responding to corporate customers' logistics outsourcing demands.

They also handle real estate business, dealing with commercial and residential properties, focusing on the development and leasing of office buildings that support a data center.

Nowadays Mitsubishi Logistics Corporation is internationally represented by its worldwide subsidaries.

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