The burden on every company, to comply with ever more difficult legal requirements, is taxing financial resources, but, even more importantly, time of highly qualified personnel.


Managing Export / Import procedures has always been an indispensible task. During the further development of the EU and WTO, some aspects have been simplified, however often at the expense of heightened risk for the individual importer or exporter. Personal dealing with a local customs office has turned to being registered in an EU database and entries being checked by customs officers far away..

Staying on top of legal developments is a challenge by itself, adapting your company to those requires considerable effort. Maintaining the reached status even more !

We cannot relieve you of all new challenges, but we take most of the worry concerning export customs clearance and import customs handling.

MLE is connected to the national customs systems. We can provide you with:

- AES export customs clearances
- Standard import customs clearances
- Special clearances like IPR or OPR
- Fiscal representation to various degrees
- Application of import / export licenses
- Bonded storage

Considering the multitude of import procedures in connection with VAT issues, we provide you with proposals how to find the optimum solution for your imports / exports.

Our import / export teams are highly experienced and motivated to ensured proper procedures. Our staff is with us for the long-term. They realize the importance of correctness and timeliness in dealing with customs and with you.

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