European Logistics


MLE does not own warehouses – we therefore do not have any intention to maximize utilization of any facility. Our approach is quite different.

The selection of the appropriate warehouse depends on several important aspects. Transport cost to the warehouse and to your clients. Facilities that are fully adequate to warrant safe storage. Warehousing operators with your and our understanding of quality. Proper control and timely, clear reporting.

We do posses the know-how to evaluate your needs and act accordingly. This we have proven with quite some number of clients, for whom we are managing their stocks in many countries in Europe and partially beyond.

We provide one dedicated team to devise the best possible warehouse location and warehousing strategy. This team does not only prepare – it will carry out daily activities of stock-INs and OUTs, will monitor the warehouse performance and arrange transports on your behalf.

You can follow our movements through our web-based software “Webstocks”. In it, you can easily find your orders and our execution – for several warehouse locations at one glance, with agreed, common reporting formats. If you wish, we connect to your sales or ERP system and take your orders electronically.


We provide appropriate warehousing and customs solutions for
- bonded goods
- chemicals, harmless or harmful
- temperature – sensitive/controlled items
- machines of various sizes and weights
- small or large stocks
- small or large packages

and effect the distribution with high quality, small/medium-sized  trucking companies to almost any destination in Europe.

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